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Specializing in value for money, optimizing efficiencies, and minimizing risk

The Webb Noonan Difference: We bring a unique and expert perspective to Contract, Risk and Change Management

Webb Noonan is an Ottawa-based construction consulting firm, specializing in heavy civil construction, as well as geotechnical and environmental drilling. Our goal is to optimize each client’s opportunities to realize value for money, while ensuring that deliverables are completed on time, and on budget.

The Webb Noonan Consulting team draws on decades of contracting experience in both the public and private arenas, providing unique and valuable insight with respect to how a client may best position themselves to capitalize on schedule, minimize exposure to risk, as well as maximize productions and efficiencies. We can customize packages which cater to the needs of any client, whether an owner, contractor, or third party stakeholder.

The Webb Noonan team provides the following consulting services 


Preconstruction services


Contract management


Claim management


Risk management services


Constructability reviews

Preconstruction services

Fail to plan, plan to fail. The preconstruction phase is critical in ensuring the success of any
project for all stakeholders. Webb Noonan Consulting offers expert advice on preconstruction
activities, ranging from constructability reviews, value engineering and optimum delivery
models, to baseline scheduling, strategy development and transitioning from preconstruction
to construction stages.

Project Management and Controls

Successful project management ensures that the relative health of a project is known at all
times, specifically when it comes to commercial, scheduling, and quality control aspects. Webb
Noonan Consulting can provide valuable advice that would establish a productive and efficient
organizational chart, ensuring that all aspects of a project are being appropriately addressed,
and that information is flowing to the appropriate destinations in a timely fashion. We can also
offer further services assisting with setting and monitoring key performance indicators,
schedule updating and recovery, as well as document management.


Claims and Dispute Resolution

Changes to scope or conditions of a project is a regular occurrence, regardless of size.
Unfortunately, parties do not always immediately agree on what constitutes a change. As a
result, effective claim management is a key component to the success of any project in order to
realize appropriate revovery of money and time. Webb Noonan offers expert advice with
respect to identification of change, process in documenting change, tracking of costs, and
demonstrating potential impact to schedule. We also offer services to assist a Client in
advancing a Claim through a dispute resolution process, should agreement not be reached
between parties at the site level.


Risk Management

Having a developed appreciation of risk profile on a project is critical in minimizing potential
exposure to cost and schedule overruns. Webb Noonan offers expert advice in identifying
project-specific risks, as well as subsequent creation of risk management plans, typically
formatted in a comprehensive risk assessment matrix.

Project Close-Out Auditing

Hindsight is the counsel of perfection. Diligent close-outs of Projects can be an invaluable tool
for any contractor in establishing the relative success of a Project, identifying wins and losses
with individual activities, and establishing where improvements could be made to scheduling of
work, budgeting, productions, and quality control. The more knowledge that can be extracted
from a Project, the more understanding can be applied to future projects, resulting in improved results. Webb Noonan offers project close-out services, where we can provide a client with a report documenting any combination of results and recommendations.

Work with professionals within the industry.

Matthew Webb and Jesse Noonan are construction professionals, with over 25 years of experience in geotechnical and environmental drilling, as well as heavy civil structure construction.

Jesse Noonan

Vice President and Co-Founder


Jesse Noonan has over 25 years of experience in the heavy civil construction industry, with an emphasis in structural and highway works.

Jesse has been involved with some of the most complex structural projects in eastern Ontario, including rapid and heavy lift structural replacements, overseeing each project from pursuit through to execution.

Jesse has also led significant Construction Manager General Contractor (CMGC), Design Build, and Bid Build pursuits.


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Matthew Webb

President and Co-Founder


Matt Webb has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry.

Mr. Webb’s construction and business knowledge have been applied to the CCC Group of Companies business model to ensure constant growth to the scope of our projects, success in our industry, and financial achievements.

His foundation is in the Geotechnical and Environmental Drilling field, which permitted Mr. Webb to grow the CCC Geotechnical division from the ground up.


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